Finishing Touches

Reassembly and Finishing Touches

During this final phase of the process, all remaining parts are assembled at this time, such as moldings, lights, and glass. Reassembling your car is just as important as the repair process itself. It is during this stage that our Advanced Autobody team has the opportunity to prove the quality of its work from the inside out. We will precisely replace every part and accessory on your vehicle to its exact, original, showroom specification. Our team will also make sure your vehicle is inspected for the upmost cleanliness. When you pick up your car, it should have been washed, cleaned and vacuumed. There should be no dirt or dust in the car and definitely no old parts in the trunk. We want to make assure your complete satisfaction before handing over the keys.

It can be a challenge to return a clean car to a customer – but we always do! We wash, vacuum and do a general cleaning of the interior to make sure to remove dust that may have accumulated from the repair process and to say thank you for your business. Our team takes precautions to keep the cars clean by using paper and masking tape to protect different areas. Once complete, we’ll make one last inspection of your vehicle.