Premium Auto Painting Starts Here

We have made heavy investments in the highest quality auto body paint technology available. Utilizing the finest downdraft spray booths, we control where the paint goes – and doesn’t go. The booths filter the air entering and leaving the booth, not only eliminating contaminants, but also protecting the air leaving our facilities. The booths also operate as ovens, curing the paint and getting your vehicle out of the booth quicker. We can then begin the reassembling process sooner, and get your vehicle back to you in less time. Our computerized paint mixing equipment helps us perform complicated paint color matching and ensures a consistent paint color every time.

We’ve Gone Green

We are the only shop in the Lowcountry that uses Environmental Friendly paint – PPG Envirobase Waterbourne Paint. Advanced Autobody, Inc, made the switch to “stay ahead of the game,” knowing that PPG waterborne technology represents a major advancement over current solvent-borne systems. The move to waterborne refinish basecoat is an effective solution for lowering VOC emissions—improving air quality and our environment. PPG warranties all of our paint work for as long as you own the vehicle.